Private Number Plates

We are a guide to the private number plates industry, with details of the leading private number plate dealers and other related information for motorists interested in buying an exclusive private registration for their vehicle.

Private Number Plate Dealers

Established in 1982, RegTransfers was one of the first specialist private number plate companies in the UK and is now the largest, with a huge stock of exclusive registrations available for sale. They also have a wide range of other services, plus a free full colour magazine full of number plate information, celebrity interviews, news, articles, readers letters and buying and selling tips.

Telephone RegTransfers: 01582 967777

CarReg is a family run private plate business, located just outside Cannock, in Staffordshire. They were established in 1988 and are now one of the largest and most well known cherished number dealers. They have a massive database of numbers available, but if you can't find what you are looking for in that, they also have a number plate finding service that will auto alert you if it manages to find a match for your requirements.

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Platinum Plates
Established company specialising in private number plates offering online discounts on many registration numbers. Buy private number plates online, new registration numbers arriving daily, fast track 4 day service. No hidden charges, most registration numbers can be supplied on DVLA number plate certificate, ideal as a special gift. If you have a registration number to sell we would be happy to provide a free no obligation valuation.

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BOSSREG are a family run business, selling personalized registration numbers and provide a friendly, personal service. They have a searchable database of most numbers currently available, including DVLA and dateless registrations, plus an auction bidding service if required. Transfers are handled quickly and efficiently.

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Simply Registrations
One of the smaller cherished number plate dealers offering a truly personal service. James has over fifteen years experience of buying, selling and transferring number plates. He originally offered his stock of registrations exclusively to the trade, but in 2005 he set up Simply Registrations Ltd. to deal direct with his clients. You are guaranteed a professional number plate buying experience and James handles every registration transfer through to completion. You have the car, now add the finishing touch.

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The Private Plate Company
The Private Plate Company was established in 1993, and supplies quality number plates at competitive costs. They are one of the UK's leading dealers, often supplying car registration numbers to other dealers and the motor trade, as well as direct to the public. They are based in South Wales near DVLA Swansea which means that your registration can be transferred more quickly, since they hand deliver your documents direct to the DVLA for approval to avoid any possible delays in the postal system.

Contact The Private Plate Company
Telephone: 01639 888833